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MedEdge MEA is a bi-monthly magazine by Two Point Five Media LLC, that focuses on providing evidence-based health information and expert advice on various topics such as nutrition, fitness, mental well-being, disease prevention, and healthy lifestyle choices. Also, covers in-depth articles, interviews with healthcare professionals, success stories, and practical tips for readers. With each bi-monthly issue, we strive to deliver insightful articles, practical advice, and comprehensive guidance to help you simplify life, amplify happiness, nurture family bonds, and make informed decisions in the realm of beauty and luxury. Our extensive coverage across the Middle East and Africa makes us the ideal choice for a diverse readership. Whether you reside in Dubai or Durban, Riyadh or Rabat, Doha or Dar es Salaam, Muscat or Mombasa, MedEdge Magazine is here to serve you. Our readership includes families, healthcare professionals, fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, trendsetters, and many more. At MedEdge, we have established ourselves as a dynamic, popular, youthful, and savvy publication. The expressions of gratitude and kind words from our readers are the fuel that ignites our passion, reinforcing the positive influence we have had on their lives, and driving us to continue producing meaningful content.
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AllEvents is an event discovery platform that gives a common ground to anyone who wants to create, promote, find and attend events. We believe that events positively impact our lives, and since 2011, we have been building AllEvents to support event professionals with the best practices to reach the right audience.